It is an effective information sharing system which visualizes news and notices in digital monitor display. The variety of information that can be displayed on the monitor ranges from texts, images to videos.

Organizations having a crowd of customers find it boring to make frequent conversations about their services. Furthermore, such offices have a lot to share such as their news, events and success stories. A traditional approach to such message passing would be to use notice boards and flex prints, which needs constant replacements. Many organizations still use these methods at the front desk of their offices. As a result, the people who are seeking for the services do not get right information at a glance.

To overcome this, we present you an innovative system ‘Digital Information Desk’ which accommodates all of your organizational information on one screen. You can include ‘Citizenship Charter’, text and image news as well as videos showing history about your organization. We are even open for customization of the system as per your need.

We have already installed the system to many reputed government organizations. And we are getting loads of positive responses from them as well.