It takes a lot of effort and lifetime earned money to build one’s dream house. But the real nightmare comes after getting the building constructed, that is, coloring the house.

Generally,  people wander for what color to apply and they wonder how will it look on their home. Obviously, nobody wants their home to look ugly just because of poor selection of colors. And yes, it is a real challenge for them to imagine which color suits a home best.

Color Visualizer is a desktop application developed for various paint companies to visualize different shades and color combinations on customer’s houses. It offers a wide range of coloring options to images from houses to bungalow, building, interiors and even wall fashions. This application even incorporates the company specific Shade Cards in the application. Also, as an output, it produces a printout for customers’ and painters’ reference.

Application Features:

  • A Library with a collection of sample images to quickly demonstrate the coloring of houses.
  • A Workshop to store on the progress images.
  • Fandeck and Shade Card colors integrated directly into the application.
  • A decent Preview of the images after application processing. The preview is for the customer and painting persons as well.
  • Video tutorials on How to use the application and its tools.


Our Customers:

Jasmine Paints
Apollo Paints